Friday , June 2 2023

Underground "Aja Sofia" – Football – Superliga – A.E.K.


Especially important for the AEK new stadium plan and, of course, the new Philadelphia is the underground trip of the Patriarhos Constantinos and Fokas streets.

As sports day is revealed today, competition rules for the award of a particular project are published in the Attiki region.

In the same article it is indicated that in the next 30 days the competition will take place in the air, and potential insurers have already begun to build their prices.

Of course, the AEK management is aware of it, which follows closely all the changes that directly or indirectly affect the Saint-Sophia plan.

At the same time, the projects that were set up at the site of the new team stadium are continuing fast.

In fact, pillars will have reached 85 to 90% by the end of their lives. This follows from the consideration that all metal inserts at 25 and 39 meters in height will be placed in all four pillars.

This work is necessary for the reception and support of Cimoli in Italy. At the beginning of March 2019, roofing will begin.

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