Wednesday , March 22 2023

Tzortzoglou to marry Crete in June – RETHEMNO newspaper: RETHYMNO NEWS NEWS CRETE


Stratos Tzortzoglou decided to take a great step in church steps with her beloved Sophia Mariola. In fact, a couple marriage will take place in Crete.

"I will have three hairstyles and Van Barba. The wedding will take place on June 16th in Hania, Crete," said the actor a few days ago.

What did he say about his beloved? "To tell the truth when I met Wisdom, the last thing I thought was to create a relationship. I was fine with myself. I do not even worry about" relationships "and not to mention" marriages. "I live between New York and Athens and I found my remnants. Until I met Sofia. I felt something that was mutual, immediate and sudden. "

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