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Doctor of the Great Athens Hospital, as another, Ithans Hant, told his partner that he was involved in … dangerous missions on behalf of EYP and NATO secret services! He has a gun license and is widespread with a revolver to become convincing, and he announced the business center as an apartment in the southern suburbs.

Family marriage photographs with hooligans: the left "secret secret service", actually a social worker who appeared in a city hall with a different name, and the right cardiologist from the doctor's team

What are the false martyrs who are portrayed in a couple of wedding albums that reveal "THEMA" and why the cardiologist hid his second marriage.

New incredible details and facts about the cardiologist's work – "spies" – are included in the trial file presented by his deceived partner last week. It is clear from the contents of the petitioner's report that the cardiologist has invented unlikely types and justifications to convince him that he is a member of the secret services of the state to justify his frequent absence, enabling him to deceive not only himself but also his social environment for ten years after in turn.

Even his real man might have been convinced of his double life discovered when the third – the cardiologist also married in the past – went to JEP to request a copy of his marriage law so that he eventually discovered that he had never done anything. .

From Hospital to Sounio Sexual Child

But let's get things from the beginning. The couple came to a large hospital in Athens in 2007 when she was a specialized cardiologist and first cardiologist at the hospital itself. According to a professional person, a cardiologist, although he openly expressed sympathy for her face, romance developed between them two years later.
In fact, the couple began to live together in a qualified cardiologist's apartment on the outskirts of the north and in her sister's house at Sounio. The cardiologist, always with the faces of his surroundings, told his new and beautiful companion that the house at Sounion was also a business center for secret services and that he had been deciphered instructions for his next mission.

Of course, as it turned out, this house was nothing more than a doctor's erotic nest. Indeed, since the beginning of their relationship, she was told that she had been divorced for several years with another doctor who has a doctor's office in the southern suburbs, and together they had a son who is now 27 years old.

The decedent partner of the cardiologist claims in her complaint that she had recommended her son since the beginning of her relationship, but she did not show her that she had a second marriage with another doctor, with whom she now has two 15-year-old daughters! It seems that his colleagues even ignored this information in the hospital, because everyone knew that since the first marriage doctor there was only one son whom he also showed in the clinic.

During his relationship, according to the content of the lawsuit, the new doctor knows his new partner as well as his friendly environment, but he avoids recommending to his family only his 27-year-old son. The justifications on which he relied was his busy work program and his not-so-good relationship with his family.
The cardiologist told his partner that he worked as an EYP in addition to work in the hospital quietly, but then also a secret agent from NATO (!). Therefore, he sometimes needed to get lost in the week, but also on some holidays.

Of course, he actually returned to his house in the three-story luxury house Voula, where he lives with his second wife and two daughters, 2000's worth of 89 million drachmas.

She had a gun in the house

Dr. Dingamo was in an armed house: "In this way, he was able to completely terrorize me and make me believe that he is actually working in secret services," explains her deceased member

"Sometimes, as she seemed to me confidentially, sometimes I had to go to or outside Greece to attend meetings and participate in dangerous missions," she said in her complaint to her deceived partner.

The written question about how the doctor was able to convince her not only to her, but also to her neighborhood, that she was actually a dual life, was a cardiologist for half a day, but the other half embodied John Hunt's role in the "Impossible Mission" is not difficult to answer. You see that the cardiologist was not only intrusive to his partner from the very first moment he was an agent, but he tried to intensify this impression by circulating his home with a weapon that he always cared for in a clearly visible place. Was it fake or true? According to credible information, the weapon is true, the doctor really has a weapon and even there is a lawful validity license ending in 2020.

As he succeeded in obtaining it, nobody can know, at least as much as he has filed in the documentation, and what reasons he has indicated in his application, more detailed information that may relate to the prosecutor who is determined to investigate the case. "In this way she had completely terrorized me and led me to believe that she was actually working in secret services," she explained in her complaint to her deceased partner and added: "Therefore, I never asked him to know more about where it happens only on the weekends and On any other days or intervals that were not home, in my own way and the tricks he went on (secret services, weapons), I had shown distrust of what he did or told me. "

It was time, and she was more and more consistent with the idea that her partner was not only a remarkable cardiologist with strong friends but also a capable secret agent, whom the EYP entrusted to dangerous missions for the homeland and allied forces. After four years of relationship, moved and lived in an apartment on the northern outskirts of what he said was his property, they decided to make an effort to get a baby who did not deliver the fruit.

Incognito Wedding Chalkida … for security reasons

They may not have been able to get a baby, but they decided to formally establish their relationship, initially through political marriages, and it would be religious too. He, according to his partner, insisted that the ceremony take place at Chalkida Town Hall.

In her question about why marriage should be established there, since none of them has a Halkidian citizen, he probably replied that this place was safe for him and, in particular, for him, since he was not in danger of being involved in the secret services . Although she, as she mentioned in her complaint, was surprised at the partner's statement about the need to marry the Chalkida Town Hall room, she asked her to show that she was able to persuade her. She even persuaded her about procedural requirements, announcing she was taking over everything, and that his partner had to choose his own bridal bouquet and bouquet.

As a political marriage would be a formal process, the new cardiologist advised his partner and his next husband to attend one of her brothers to attend a ceremony, but he told her that she had arranged everything, even her witnesses, and that there was no reason for a relative or friend come because all religious marriages follow, as they had agreed.

"Deputy Head of State" and secret services "general"

Happy couple in the hallway of Chalkida: A wise cardiologist insisted that the ceremony and incognito (not even the sister's brides did not allow her to visit) were for security reasons, because the secret agent was … secret!

The Monkey's marriage took place on Thursday, June 12, 2014, in Halkidiki Municipal Hall, on the seventh side of the Hall, which reminded the county of municipal councils rather than marriage ceremonies, which turned out to be a revelation after the scandal.

For the virtual ceremony, as a witness, a doctor's cardiologist, who was part of the cardiologist's "agent" team, participated in the attendance of a cardiologist's "agent" team, some in his hospital were "in good hands" and a colleague "for the other job" as he told her, that is, from the secret services he had before received This witness is a social worker known in the society of Chalkida who, however, appeared in a different name, not in his real life. Police sources reported to Thema that this witness is probably the main person in the whole thing who organized a monkey ceremony to help his friend.

Then he mentions his fraudster: "When I asked a man to whom he chose a particular witness, not my sister, as I suggested, he told me that, for security reasons, this particular witness had to represent our marriage. It should be noted that this witness is called "general", and when I ask him, "why do not you call him his name?" He replied: "Because he is general, how can I call him"? "

Thus, the ceremony was held in the presence of five people, that is, before the couple, two witnesses and his representative, as she was presented as the mayor's deputy to the wedding ceremony. After signing the marriage and signing the relevant documents, the "Deputy Deputy Deputy" said on the deceased partner that at the end of next week they would also have a copy of the marriage declaration to declare this fact in the clerks' books.

Ten days later, the alleged husband asked his partner when they returned to Chalkida to announce a marriage and accept copies of the law. He probably caused her not to worry about not being acquainted with him. book. 2234 Political Wedding Announcement.

"I have not yet looked at the subject matter because she had never applied for a marriage certificate or certificate of marriage until 2018, because we did not have a baby," she says.

When she announced to her next year that she had to submit a joint tax return, he told her that they could not do this because she had a mysterious secret intelligence service, because she had secret codes for submitting an individual tax return.

Why did she want to split?

The bride proves … to confirm the marriage of monkeys. Four years later, she was worried about the Halkide Municipal Register (October 12th) to find out that her statement on political marriage was forged!

By the year 2017, the couples' relationships were harmonious. They made joint trips, trips abroad, congress tourism and entertainment activities, while the cardiologist might have visited his partner at the famous Yale University, where she had postgraduate education, as she mentioned in the complaint. They had common friends and they were even shown in the three baptisms as gods, while their professional and social behavior showed the married couple their colleagues knew in the hospitals where they work.

However, the cardiologist – an "agent" that his partner has spoofed in his last year of his relationship – was no longer in his family home, pretending to be a burden on NATO secret services. After his research, his intense absence led to routine intensive shocks and disputes, which he occasionally brought about as a minor cause.

"Given this situation, I asked him to divorce, but he himself, probably referring to his health problems, tried to persuade me to stay in marriage," she says.
However, the partner who was persecuted by the cardiologist asked the lawyers for advice on how to take action to relieve her of her family responsibilities.
She then went to the JEP and asked for a copy of the marriage certificate to receive information that the marriage had not been declared with information about her identity and her husband as stated in the marriage declaration.

She received the surprising response she received on August 12, 2014, and the Chalkis Municipal Chancellery, to find out to him a great surprise that not only had the marriage been declared, but also that in the political dress, in which all these years, when she had her record been fake!

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