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Two bags and "something else" were found on the Red Lake

Cyprus: Two bags and

Serious cases of serial killers in Cyprus, as the authorities identified two suitcases of Red Lake, and "something" has not yet been defined by Xyliatos. These items were celebrated today and will be loaded on Easter Sunday, taking into account the day.

According to the head of the fire brigade, Markos Tragolas, after the operation ends in the Red Lake in Mitsera, the Great Saturday, “there are two objects in the red lake that are suspected to be objects we are looking for. What happened then was object alarms to start their return process tomorrow in about ten hours to find out what they were going to do. "

He continued to say, "In Xyliatos Lake we continue, we did not have any results. With research on red lakes, research will also be carried out on Xyliatos.

In answer to the question, he confirmed that these two issues were travel cases. He also pointed out that the investigation would continue to identify the third point. He stressed that the entire length of the lake was not recorded, but focused on specific points. They also expect the results of today's water quality because they are very important for the safety of divers, as they will also be costumes depending on the quality of the water.

If the third object was not detected, he pointed out that the robotics chamber would be researched again until it was discovered.

Asking questions in Xyliatos, he replied that "today we found something we sent for review and hope for results, without hope for something positive. We only look at some things that do not conflict with the environment."


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