Monday , March 8 2021

Thursday in Thessaloniki Al. Tsipra – News – News

Prime Minister Alexei Tsiprass will attend the Thessaloniki Summit on Thursday to attend the third Summit in Thessaloniki 2018 entitled "European Perspectives and Connectivity, Industrial Development and Cooperation in the Western Balkans" organized by the North American Industry Association (SIBE) at TIF Conference Center Ioannis Vellidis.

At 17:45, Mr Cipro will meet with Serbian Prime Minister Anne Birnbich, "I. Vellidis", but at noon. 18:30 he will speak at Synode.

In the same group with the Greek Prime Minister, in the framework of regional cooperation, which will be part of European integration, will be his Bulgarian colleague Bojko Borisov, Serbia Anna Burnabic and Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Anne Birtsall.

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