Tuesday , August 16 2022

The full lake planet Mars Hellas Pool


Many ancient water ponds once existed in Mars's vast Helena basin, which is essentially the largest visible crater in our solar system.

NASA scientists and the Intelligent Search Institute (SETI), led by Henry Hargitaj, who published Astrobiology's astrobiology magazine, found good evidence that there were 34 water ponds in the south of the Hellas, in the neighboring planet's hemisphere, and so far only such an ancient lake was identified.
Hydrographic analysis shows that lake water – from the time when the climate of Mars was much warmer and moist – comes from a variety of sources, such as precipitation, rivers, floods and groundwater. Some lakes were 77 kilometers long, as Huffington Post says.

The new study reinforces the image of scientists that, before Aris became a delayed cold and dry place, as much as it is now on Earth, plenty of water flows. Researchers do not even mean that if lakes were close enough to a source of heat they could have some kind of life.

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