Tuesday , March 2 2021

Tax office invites teachers to attend 800 Euros for school vegetation!

Laughs and cry have the following details: H the tax administration asked Olynthos pupils to pay € 800 because they built a vegetable garden, how they and their parents discovered Reporter Balta Georgak's reporter!

Olynthos Elementary School Cooperative is closed due to … tax

The taxpayer, discovered by the tax authority in the vegetable garden, there are students who have found a "trick" to grow salads, cabbage and carrots to steal the country, because Mudannia's tax authorities have asked them to pay EUR 800 per trade fee.

"We co-operated, but there is a communication problem between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Financeso we stumble and classify us as a cooperative " says Vasiliss Misalidis, Olnthos School Director.

In 2017, 45 pupils of the school cooperated to create a school cooperative with two greenhouses, inter alia, growing tomato onions, radishes and carrots.

The tax collectors, pressing the letter of the law, saw the vegetable garden … taxpayers.

As he also pointed out Senior Christina Papadimitriou, paid business tax "πweeping very dissatisfied with the children when we told them that we would conclude a partnership. "

"We had to pay € 800, which was not a school cooperative. With salad it is not possible to pay so much money!" another parent told the star.

The purpose of the initial school initiative was not only to grow and develop plants, to promote cooperation and entrepreneurship. But the tax administration had another opinion …

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