Thursday , March 4 2021

Rosanna's first post after she left the next topo model

In Instagram

Rosana Kucuku was a player who left yesterday GNTM making him feel like he was one of the most attractive players in the show. The reality of fashion continues, but Rosanna is now a thing of the past. A beautiful 21-year-old woman started her first job after she went to social media.

In particular, she took her photo of the game and noted:

"A great trip has ended today and a new start from here … Experience that GNTM has become unique, memories of infinity, your love, everything I've done is on the move, your support for me is to continue in such a complicated space. Your messages to me I am very pleased with the excellent real words from people I do not know. I thank you through my heart that you believed me, although I had nothing to do with this place !!!! I am very happy and thank you very much !!!! "

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