Tuesday , October 4 2022

RISKS USED IN INSTITUTE INSPECTORS Maria Papaspyrou Intervention Shell.


At https://dynatielladanews.gr we read:

The HCDCP study and important documents found in the crypt of the organization, Realfm 97.8 and Manos Nifli talked with Maria Papaspirou, Chief Inspector General of the State Administration.

"However, in the Doumento newspaper, I do not mean it. Inspectors systematically discovered the storage of these documents with persistence. It was a warehouse, and in front of it was a gypsum board. The documents are obviously useful, because if they were not useful, they would not be able to record them and move them in boxes. Moving, of course, these are important documents. I do not know all the documents that are known to prosecutors. I sign the control commands, investigating teams, and I'll conclude once it's done. It's provisional, it's not a control report that I can and I have a name. There are corruption prosecutors here, and I did not do anything there, "said Papaspire.

At the same time, he calculated that "to allow inspectors to register all the documents and to put it here with the boxes of documents, this means that the documents are very serious. This is a very serious study, and these documents not only cancel the addition. This is due to a preliminary investigation. At first I said that there are no documents, so we are already late. There was no document and mouth closed, we did not find anything. These documents are endless witnesses, but only the document of falsehood will "fall".

"What is happening is unprecedented, it has not happened yet. To check, let us know how the outcome will happen. You can also shout and make out your objections." From all those voices, why? Risk the inspectors? "He added.

Mr Georgiades complained about the order of Prosecutor Touloupakis, Mr Papaspirou replied: "A mixed move is taking place at night. The scales are here and work under the direction of Mrs Touloupaki, they are specifically addressed to corruption prosecutors and orders are issued by corruption inspectors. The first mandate for the HCDCP is in 2016 , and we are looking for we will not consider it? Will we submit some documents that are not genuine, will not be explored? "

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"A study is being carried out, the whole HCDCP is being studied, nothing will be left without a response. I do not give any conclusions, I issue orders for investigations, and control is my sole responsibility." During the previous inspection, the inspectors contacted the prosecutors, under the direct control and supervision of the prosecutor, not me. The survey is about inspectors, "he added, pointing out that" when too many things are reported, we need to make sure that the inspectors in that group are responsible for it. Each investigating officer can not sign everything he is responsible for. From 2016 In November, they carried out the mixed activities of the HCDCP, they sent them in April 2017. At the procurator's address, it was a step if the prosecutor did not become a mixed step from the top. "

As for Mandra, Papaspirou argued that "Mandra, a temporary finding that the responsibility was seen, came in December. We checked arbitrarily, objections were made. Now the third conclusion will be, because we also discovered other issues in the survey."

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