Monday , February 6 2023

Procter Pavlopoulos's message to Turkey – Newsbeast


The message "in all directions, and especially to my girlfriend and neighbor Turkey", today was sent to the President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, from Mytilene, where the 106th anniversary of the liberation of the city is celebrated.

Immediately after the Clapados battles the refugee hero at Eleftheria Square in Kissos, which marked the release of the entire island, Pavlopoulo emphasized that Greece is looking for friendly relations and supports the orientation of the Turkish euro, who disagrees, even if the European Union voices support the opposite.

"We are looking for friendly and friendly relations with everyone, and especially with Turkey, we support its orientation in Europe without radically accessing some of the votes of the European Union that say the opposite. But it depends on the respect for all and above all Turkey's entire international and European law. observance, "he noted.

However, at the same time Pavlopoulos "We are equally committed to defending always on the basis of international and European law, our sovereignty, our borders and our territory, which is also the border and territory of the European Union."

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