Wednesday , March 3 2021

Parapolitiks The temperature is falling again on Wednesday

North winds will exaggerate Aegea, 6-7 points and possibly local vigor in the early hours.

Poor rain is expected in Sporades, Evia, Crete, and temporarily in the Thessalías east and Cyclades Islands, as well as in the evening in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Visibility at places, in the morning and in the evening, will be limited to continents.

North winds will exaggerate Aegea, 6-7 points and possibly local vigor in the early hours.

Detailed NMS forecast on Wednesday:

Macedonia, Thrace
Weather: western Macedonia is usually sunny. The rest of the clouds temporarily increased with the probability of evening sick folk in eastern Macedonia and tragedy. Locally limited visibility in the morning and evening hours in western and central Macedonia.
Winds: East, Northeast 3-4, Beaufort and East 5 and temporarily in the morning to 6 beaufort.
Temperature: 6 to 17 degrees Celsius. West Macedonia 3-4 degrees below.

Ionian Islands, Epirus, West Sterea, West Peloponnese
Weather: Slight cloudy in the Ionian Sea. Locally limited visibility on continents in the morning and in the evening.
Winds: east, north east 3-5 beaufort.
Temperature: 10 to 22 degrees Celsius. Epirus region 4-5 degrees below.

Thessaly, East Sterea, Evia, East Peloponnese
Weather: Some clouds temporarily raised with light rain in Sporades, Evia and temporarily in the east of Thessaly.
Winds: North, Northeast 4-6, Beaufort and East and South 7 and possibly in the morning 8 Beaufort.
Temperature: 10 to 19 degrees Celsius. In the northern part 3-4 degrees.

Cyclades Islands, Crete
Weather: Partly cloudy, temporarily rising rain, mostly in Crete.
Winds: from northern directions 5-7 beaufort and possibly in the morning hours 8 beaufort.
Temperature: 14 to 19 degrees Celsius.

Aegean Islands, Dodecanese Islands
Weather: In the northern part, some clouds temporarily increased in the morning. The rest is usually atrium.
Wind: From the north directions 5-7 beaufort.
Temperature: 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. To the north 3-5 degrees below.

Weather: Some clouds temporarily raised to the east and north.
Wind: north, north east 4-6 beaufort and eastern local beaufort.
Temperature: 13 to 19 degrees Celsius. To the east and north 2-3 degrees below.

Weather: Tempestly Cloudy. Local Limited Visibility in the Morning Hours.
Wind: from the east directions 3-4 beaufort.
Temperature: 8 to 17 degrees Celsius.

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