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Olympiacos: Market Guards – Olympiacos


In the summer Olympiakos' initial plan was to get another guard, but in talks with Pieri Henry there was no end to what they wanted at the port, and the reds turned to Plan B by acquiring two emblems (Giannis Tima, Axel Toupan).

Now red bulls are on the market, as reported by Sport24.gr on November 15th. "It's clear that Olympiacos is looking for a market for another high-quality guarantee that will directly drive the rotation, and here's the question that raises the debate: if we have to add why Blatt did not do it in a timely manner, before a strikingly complicated race?" refers to the relevant text.

Olympiacos is still looking for a defender who will be added next to Vassilis Spanoulis, Nigel Williams-Gos, Yiannis Strelnieks, Vangelis Mantzaris and Vassilis Toliopoulos, although Sport24.gr wants to get a loan form more than an open loan.

Olympiacos is testing the market and is still looking for a guard, but Piraeus is not rushing forward. The red does not want the player to just get it, because they want it to be an important addition. That's why they are looking for something better than Jordan Godor, which remains free.

These issues will come after Euroleague's second weekend, during which Olympiacos will face Bayern Munich (21/11) and will support Real Madrid (23/11).

David Blatt wants his team to get another guarantor who will collect the "package" he is looking for, and if this happens, Costas Papanikolaou and Axel Toupan will fall to "2".

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