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National suicide agreement with government – Will not be accepted – SKAI (



"Of course the agreement is controversial" – "This agreement can not move to the ICU, such conduct is a national suicide"

November 12, 2011 – 10:40

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November 12, 2011 – 10:36


"Divisions" and "national suicide" called the Archbishop's agreement – Prime Minister, Thessaloniki's capital, Antimozu, speaking at SKAI, believing that the Holy Synod will not be approved.

"Of course, the deal is a split … If it were not high, the proportion of orthodox would have been a problem, but now we are talking about the Greek-Christian culture," he noted.

According to Thessaloniki, the capital's words "the blessed responded to the invitation of the Prime Minister, but this week he gave an impression, anxiety … This agreement can not happen, this is a national suicide," he said.

Speaking about a joint interview with Ieronymis-Tsipras, he stated that he was "wrong impression that we agree and the church will be separated from the state».

"This extraordinary meeting of the Hierarchy on Friday, we will see the Hierarchical views, I am convinced that in the vast majority it supports the unity of our country and church, which stands in the place that too many people are attacking Antimosa.

At present, and so many centuries ago, our continued commitment to the Greek Orthodox unity. All together for a good country and a good deal with our neighbors not splitting up in our home country.

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