Monday , September 20 2021

Kostas Apostolakis: emotions about his mother's smile

The "Come in Smile" exhibition was Kostas Apostolakis, who talked about how he considered a traditional man, and about his recent loss.

"Traditional men are those who are authentic with their feelings. They do not hide. They say they are right. They do not have a second shot and what they say to you is" he noted.

When Paul Stamatopoulos asked him about the last time he was crying, he was obviously afraid of his mother's death.

"I was crying for the last time, why am I doing it now? I lost my mother about 1.5 months ago, but I cried very much. No, it was not suddenly, but he suddenly left. We did not expect this in the way. It was a last time But I tell you that most of this story cried, I myself did it because I do not want to see me. It is recoverable that you are one and do everything you want when everything is empty. I want to change This is a topic where we sell them. All I do not want to sell. I had a big jumper bliss that my mom left, and my daughter grows up, joins the public, learns things, and the other transfers the stack to each other. When my daughter was born, it was a station. It was before and after. Like a cushion is cut off when the mother leaves and is before and after.I have not yet realized .I think I'm going to Crete and it will be somewhere. But i do not say that said the actor.

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