Sunday , June 4 2023

K19 Bayern – K19 AEK 2-0 | Champions League


Even more young people from the AEK have gathered in the Youth League despite the conclusion of Bayern's K19 team 2-0 in Munich. In any case, the confrontation was complicated … in the small yellow ones, which in the first part could even develop. After all, this did not happen, and in the second stage with two goals Young Bayern Munich achieved its final victory.

In the first part of Ginny with two main interventions at the ends of the Circus, 9 & # 39; and 13 & # 39; & # 39; remained unaffected. The AEK kept and for the first time threatened Fritchl 35, while Christopoulos's head blocked the German goalkeeper. Indeed, two minutes before the end of half-time, the "yellow-black" breath from even lead, but Tampa shot off the square stopped on the cross-section.

However, for the second half, Bayern got its head on the score, and Chillas found the net in 48 minutes. The AEK could still find the equalizer in his 63rd very long game when Patrino retreated to Frittl, but failed to make the German kiper. At the end of that, Ghinisam had to interact with Kai and Chila in the 73s to keep this 1-0. The same was not believed in the 82nd phase, when Cirrichee was short of Gicci at the onset of the defeat, he wrote 2-0, which was the final result of the game.

AEK (Giorgos Simos): Giannis, Stamoulis, Tsiveleidis, Bogdan, Bousis, Tambas (88 & # 39; Stamatis), Chelios (61 & # 39; Arvanitis), Booth, Machaire (76 & # 39; Malisov)

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