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The Katsifas family was delivered after Constantine's body 10 days after the intervention of the Albanian President Ilir Met, as well as Tirana, Durres and all of Albania, Anastasios, Archbishop.

Body at 6.00 arrived at the ceremony at the Dervitsana office and was moved from the early evening to the family home, according to the traditions of the site, where it will remain until the end of the funeral.

The funeral of Constantine Katsifa will be held tomorrow, Thursday, at 13:00 local time, while a crowd of people will gather with coaches and private cars that rally to attend his funeral.

On Wednesday afternoon, the body of the flag of Greece arrived in the village, and his family came in red climates. Hundreds of people followed the coffin at the door of the house.

The coffin sailed the Greek flag. The deceased was dressed in a military dress. According to the Albanian media, he will go on his journey with the same clothes.

The tragic face is his father, his mother and sisters. Constantine's mother is torn apart in the flesh of her son. "My Shooter …" cried. "I'm raining …"

Although it is right, the mother of Constantine Katsifa, who took her son's son, complains that Greek Prime Minister Alexei Tsipras did not help them. As he said, he still expects the telephone from the prime minister.

Constantine Katsif's colleagues in the hands of their bodies wrote on a white coffin: Constantine Katsif, 35, old.

Meanwhile, A. Lykourezos's family lawyer, speaking ANT1, noted that the family's goal was to find out what had happened. "It will not be easy to work, but we need to see what has been done to ensure that it has to be prosecuted," he said.

Deropoli municipalities are paying the funeral

It was an extraordinary meeting of the Deropolis municipality, which also owns the Central Village, and decided to cover the funeral expenses of Constantine Katsif.

The decision was unanimous, but it was decided at the meeting to silence the 35-year-old memory.

According to the latest information, the body of Constantine Katsifa, which his family received after the ears, will be transferred to family homes at noon. 16 local time (19:00 GMT time).

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