This is one of the cases when the hype … is far beyond reality and the end result is not … to cover the buyer! That is what we feel for those who loved it change wireless charge from the mighty ones Huawei Mate 20 Pro, with which it can be charged, depending on the manufacturer, for other smartphones / gadgets, which, of course, supports wireless charging.

change wireless charge

This is not exactly because according to recent measurements For Android, the device is unable to charge more than 2.5W (!) Of the Google Pixel 3 model, which, as a rule, can charge up to 10W – of course, would be an acceptable charging time! Why is there a reason to recharge the device with just 2.5W charging speed when we need it … 3-4 hours to charge up to the end? Alternatively, what is the mobile reverse cord charging feature? when 2.5W will have hours to get a significant fee?

The Android institution relied on the application AccuBattery to see the charging speed of Mate 20 Pro and compare it with a Google Wireless Wireless Charger that packs Pixel 3 at 10W. Normally, wireless market chargers also cost 5W, so simple 2-2.5W from Mate 20 Pro very low power securely recharge the device.

Is this wrong?