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He kicked … National Youth Championship, 4-0 in Gibraltar

He kicked ... National Youth Championship, 4-0 in Gibraltar

With the victory, the National Youth Team started a race with the 13th U19 European Championship Qualifying Group, as it dominated the Gigral 4-0 victory in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Yiannis Gouma team was very early on with Tzimas 3 and 14 goals, 2-0 with Voile, while the final result was defeated by two goals – Dimitris Emmanouilidis, one at the end of the first half and the second – 86 minutes.

Greece's next competitor is Romania, which he will face on Saturday (17/11).

Greece: Christos Georgios, Lyratzis, Tsaousis (85 Neophytidis), Michailidis, Andzhulas, Emmanouilides, Meliopoulos (85 Lions), Botos (60 Koutsoupias), Voilys, Tzimos (69 Doutsis), Marinos (61 Gaitanidis).

Gibraltar: Lopez, Pereira (72 Carnezzi), Vineet, Serra, Jabiah, Moore, Grassia (90 Moya Bolt), Picoc, El Hemdi (72 Smith), Peralta (87 Bauts), Jones.

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