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Grigoropoulos Assassination Anniversary: ​​”Two Squares” Plan – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Helicopters and 5,000 Police Officers


Greek police are awake on the occasion of the twelfth anniversary of the assassination of Alexander Grigoropula.

More precisely, according to EL.AS officers. the planning of security measures does not involve tolerance during assembly and assembly in any part of Athens where EL.AS officers participate. to emphasize that the composition of the gatherings differs from the composition of the anniversary of the Polytechnic. About 5,000 police officers will be used to implement the police plan. Unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters will be observed from the air, while Aiants, water dripping vehicles, will also be vigilant.

According to the relevant reports, the plan provides for the timely installation of police in certain red spots, such as the Mesolonghi and Tzavela murder sites, Propylaea Square. Klafthmonos, Chaftia, pl. In Kaningos, where some invitations to rallies have been made, the Technical University, ASOEE, Zografou Polytechnic and other university institutions will be monitored not only in Attica, but throughout Greece.

Drawing of two squares

The authorities have further developed two security areas, the first of which is demarcated on Koletti, Emmanouil Benaki, Andrea Metaxa and Zoodochou Pigis, right in the middle of the murder scene. The second quarter is even wider, including Themistokleous, Solonos, Charilaou Trikoupis and Arachovis streets. According to the authorities, the checks that will be carried out in the second square will be intensive and will cover unnecessary movement and whether text messages have been sent indicating a clear reason why the person is in a particular part of the city.

Dissolution of concentrations

EL.AS officers report that attempts will be made to disperse rallies at an early stage by exacerbating police activities, ie audio messages with patrol loudspeakers, intermediary interference, Covid fines, followed by dynamic intervention with arrests or detentions and if aggressive actions are observed in the water. drops.

The concerns of the officials in charge are possible raids or “extraordinary” surprise gatherings. The raid will demarcate police and judicial targets, as well as churches, as there has been a strong response to the release of Epamineonda Corcoon’s murderer. There will also be many patrols to prevent regional raids and the timely detection of many people.

Prohibition of assembly

With regard to the ban on gathering more than 4 people, the Chief of Greek Police, Mihalis Karamalakis, has issued an order since yesterday banning gatherings for public health reasons, as it did on the anniversary of the Polytechnic.

With information from SKAI / ERT / OPEN / newspaper “Eleftheros Typos”

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