Monday , March 8 2021

"Free Port Birds", a project from and to refugees – Newsbeast

"Freedom of the Birds" is named as a collective art work, which was presented yesterday at the Exhibition Chamber Lesbos, acquired by postgraduate student Ferenc Tsambarlis.

This is a performance study based on daily life (a plastic bottle of water and paper). It took 183 days to complete this action to create 652 sculptures featuring 700 people from 14 nationalities. "By putting part of their souls, these efforts are respected," notes Fereniki Tsambarli, speaking at the Athens news agency.

The aim is to immediately capture a huge sculpture called "Birds of Freedom" after the trip to Brussels and bring thousands of dreams to the European Parliament appeals and immigrant who were imprisoned in Lesvos. "A dream that is identical to the wishes of the local community and every person is only the opening of its wings and" it is floating freely, "says Tsambarli.

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