Friday , February 26 2021

Dioemidis against the mayor of Argas, who wanted to be the champion of Olympiacos

As indicated in the announcement, a member of the school committee against the players and Diomedi fans playing against the Olympic / Xinis group in Nea Kios's stronghold in the closed game. It is also worth mentioning the disappointment of the Argos team with Mayor Dimitri Cambos, who wanted the Piret team to win the championship and cup, handing it to the local Olympic Club.

Detailed statement:

"We would like to criticize the attitude of Mycenae and member of the board of the Argas Municipal School Committee, from Municipal Apartments" Argo "(where our team players have been left for many years) in a race against Olympiakos at the New Kia Stadium." Gentleman "wearing Olympiacos shape, was loud to Diomedees, "but also against our team's fans throughout the game. Known for his reddish sense of sight, he was unable to balance the specific situations posed to him by the municipality he represented, since Diomede is a city group he represents through the municipality. The fact that this person was sitting directly in front of minors, members of the Diomede Academy and the pupils appointed as deputy chairmen of the committees make this no-show more, and we therefore ask him to be removed from each institution or committee from our municipality.

We would also like to express our dissatisfaction with the award ceremony of the Olympic team's handball team at the local Piraeus Fans Association, which was attended by Mayor Argos – Mycenae, Dimitris Camposos, and in particular of the unsuccessful statements he made during the event. Among other things, he said: "I have never concealed my tragic feelings that I am Olympia. The half is changing, the team does not change, I wish that Olympiacos wins the championship and cup this year. Unfortunately, the town hall is not open right now, so we have a small grass here, so there take us. "

In the age of the world, there has been no precedent for the first citizen being presented to a rival team in a few minutes after the victory of his city team, and even in the Argos elections in 2018-2019. The annual championship and cup win to win the Champions and Cup winning team, not his team's team, and would normally have openly supported the opponent team and against his team's team. It is an institutional mistake, an incomprehensible and at the same time abusive Diomede's history and emblem.

Diomedes is a club that prides itself on the city for 35 years on its back without giving it the slightest good. It is a team of our city based on the unselfish help of all our fellow citizens. This group has offered so much to Argos and has announced it at the ends of the earth. This group has united all Argolida fans away from supporters or political confrontations. This team has won not only Argos and Argolida, but also Greece as a whole, winning the European Cup in 2012, and is the only provincial team that has achieved something similar to any group sport.

Those who know the committees of Costa, Anargyro, Nikos, Tassos, Lena, Spyro, and Andreas Diomede know that we first introduce Diomede and no one else. We do ourselves with values, ethics and our unique love for handbags, sports and our city, and we will continue to do this, because we are responsible for more than 120 families for which our children trust us.

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