Sunday , June 4 2023

Bayern-Darussafaf 116-70 (vid) News


Who saw and was not afraid of Bayern? The team from Germany was pleased to Darussaf after it … with 116-70 sixteenth euro aallion.

Bavaria climbed to 3-3, but the Turks dropped to 1-5.

The best goalkeeper for the winners was Bucklers with 18 points, while Evans had 20 Turks.

The Germans scored record points at the Euroluja, in 2013 they won 103 defeats in the Olympic venues with 103-105 players.

The game

Bayern won the game with 7-2 thanks to Dadovich. Darussafa's answer was immediate, as Evans made a 9-9 by 4. "Bavaria … took the lead in the last minute of the first period and Bartel gave 8 points (21-13, 9 & # 39;) to his team.

Dangibic and Copenhagen with huge balls raised the difference to +10 (27-17) at 11. Bayern dominated entirely on the floor, and with Löw it was made 42-25 at 15 & # 39;. After that, the situation did not change, and the German team impressed 19 (54-35) with Dudovich's two shots in half an hour. In the first half, the hosts had 7/10 three points, but the guests finished 3/10.

Radonjic's entire team did what he wanted on the floor, Darussafu could not do anything to get close to the result. Lusic upgraded the Bavarian goal to +30 (71-41) at 25 & # 39; while Copenhagen won 84-50 at the end of the third quarter.

The rest of the game was in the process, and Bayern reached 3-3, after a spectacular victory that assured the next.

NIKE WHY: H Bayern was 69% (18/26) three points, gave more help (28 instead of 16), made less mistakes (4 instead of 12), and … won the third quarter (87-50).

CREATE DIFFERENCE: O Bicker was 18 but Copenhagen There were 16 points with 2/2 doubles and 4/4 threefold, making a great game.

HEROES SPRINGS: O Lo with help of 13 and 4, o Dadovich with 16 and 3 thieves and c Bartel with 12 points.

SHOOT AND NEDERICE: O McCallum was only 4 points with 2/8 in this area and did not help his team.

KEY POINTS: The Bavaria ended in the third quarter with a 37 point difference, ending the game.

WHAT WILL GET: H Darussafa twins (19/46), 12 mistakes, but also poor protection (received 116 points).

Ten minutes: 21-17, 54-35, 87-50, 116-70

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