Saturday , February 27 2021

Aristotle University meeting to combat drug trafficking – Newsbeast

A meeting was held in which it was concluded that "the willingness of all parties to better coordinate and intensify measures to combat drug trafficking and related crime at night on university grounds" was held in the morning at the main police station in Thessaloniki.

As the statement by the University of Thessaloniki Aristotle University (AUTh) said, "during the discussion, aspects of these issues that have an impact on the normal functioning of the university as well as the daily lives of citizens in the city's central district were analyzed".

The meeting was attended by Mayor of Thessaloniki, rector of the University of Thessaloniki Aristotle Giannis Boutaris, General Secretary of the Salzburg General Police Inspector Periklis A. Mitkas, Thessaloniki General Policy Director Andreas Apostolopoulos, Thonon General Police Director Fotios Domzaridis, Police Assistant to Thessaloniki's Directorate General Abraham Aivazidis and Thessaloniki Security Director Nikolaos Zisimopul.

"Only repression is not the answer to the problem of drug trafficking at Aristotle University," says responsible reintegration of the OKANA body, which operates in the AHEPA hospital at the University of Marymanshire Mary Mantsi.

OKANA members were found today at the Chief Police Headquarters in Thessaloniki (where a meeting was held to address this problem) to talk to policemen about addiction practices.

"Our response to this is the AHEPA structure aimed at retirees who are reintegrating, as well as our street working group, which is almost daily in the university," said Ms. Mantsi, attending awareness-raising seminars. In her view, alternative structures, such as day centers, should be created, where dependents may come for counseling, because "if they are expelled from the University of Aristotle they will go somewhere on the street, creating other dishes."

As she explained, OKANA's street work team is working three to four days a week for about three to four days a week, reaching around 20-25 people at the same time, and as its members have discovered, the main campus is mainly cannabis trade.

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