Monday , October 3 2022

Alexis Tsipra: Everything that is valuable is the Greek-Albanian approach –



Today, in his television interview, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made statements about the assassination of men of the Albanian police, Kostas Katsifa. It is surprising that Mr Cipré has not commented and implicitly made any allegations from the Albanian Prime Minister. It is clear from statements by the Prime Minister that the Greek police are not involved in the investigation. On the contrary, he expects the outcome of the Albanian side, not to mention his wording:

Today is a mournful day for my family and my homeland, I do not want to go to a special comment. I understand the family, the mournful mother of mourning. Good bitterness and anger. I have not encountered Greece since the first moment did what it was supposed to do. We asked to clarify the case and the participation of Greek police officers. They promised us to give a full opinion on this matter.

The attempt by the Prime Minister to mitigate the impact also affects the fact that the burial of "bone killers" is a development of value:

I would like to say that this very unpleasant event should not lead to a change in our strategy closer to our neighbors. So we forgot what happened in October 28th in the village: dead martyrs were killed in Albania after 70 years. These developments are worthwhile.

Finally, Mr Tsipras reiterated the Greek state's position on the protection of minority rights (sic) and announced that the demarcation of the EEZ with Albania would be completed:

It was an unpleasant event, we were stunned.

The Greek minority must acquire all the rights it has under international law. We are continuing the dialogue for this reason.

We will break the EEZ with Albania.

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