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The vaccine is already limited!


If you want to avoid the flu epidemic in 2018 and get yourself vaccinated, it can be difficult because there are bottlenecks in supply.


  1. Before the flu epidemic in 2018, the vaccine will be limited
  2. The cause of the vaccine shortage
  3. There are no vaccines in some regions

Before the flu epidemic in 2018, the vaccine will be limited

It was not expected that the flu epidemic of 2018 would not really be in the start blocks, because the vaccine is already limited. According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), which is responsible for vaccines, more than 15 million doses are released. But this is not enough, because there are already bottlenecks in many regions. Bad about it: Production is already finished, so delivery is no longer. Anyone who has not yet been vaccinated could go blank.

The cause of the vaccine shortage

The lack of vaccination against drugs is a major hurry to flu vaccines. Since this year, for the first time, health insurance companies cover the costs of quadruple vaccines, more German have been vaccinated than in previous yearsIn addition, it was only in April that funds were taking over the cost of a tetravalent vaccine. Previously, they only paid a triple vaccine. Producers only had a few months to increase the production of the quadruple vaccine – it was definitely too short.

There are no vaccines in some regions

In some places, the vaccine is no longer available, as in an interview with RTL trainer PEI Susanne Stöcker: "There are areas where there are no problems, but we also get reports that there is no vaccine. In any case, the doctor should first ask several pharmacies and several wholesalers, as this may even be of benefit to others. care from the city to the city. "She also encourages doctors and pharmacists to fill out the form on the PEI website if there are no more vaccines available in the region. The institute will then take care of this problem with the manufacturers.

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