Monday , September 20 2021

The Stop AIDS campaign is no longer considered HIV positive – News


The new AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz campaign is all about. Unlike in the last 30 years, attention is not focused on protection against AIDS. Rather, HIV-positive people should be stigmatized.

The fact that the Swiss AIDS-Hilfe is truly turning to this campaign is clear from the new CEO, Andreas Lehner: "This is not a Stop AIDS Campaign, but a Campaign for HIV Positive." The goal is to inform the public that an HIV-positive person with functional therapy can no longer carry the virus.

This is not a Stop AIDS campaign, but an HIV positive campaign.

The goal is to distigate HIV positive people. People continue to be discriminated against and discouraged by the HIV virus, although in recent years, medicine has made tremendous progress.

Normal life, despite the HI virus

The purpose of this campaign was to show that HIV positive people can now lead to almost normal lives. "An HIV positive woman can be pregnant with therapy and childbirth – today it's no longer a problem," says Lehner. There are also studies that showed that these women might have been breastfeeding.

For several years now, people have been confused with the slogan "Minimal gum barrel", which is why condoms are used during sexual intercourse. Is the new campaign not to put an end to all these preventive work when it suddenly states that sexually explicit HIV-positive people no longer need protection? Lehners says no: "If you visit a disco on Saturday and maybe hold one night, take a condom. It's really the most basic protection."

Contracts labeled "Love Life"

The most basic protection is still a condom.

stamp stone

Classical anti-AIDS campaign "Love Life" continues. But just as important as Prevention is only Enlightenment. The fact that the new campaign could trigger was no intention, but you accept, says Lehners. Because he knows: only when it is debated, the campaign is also perceived.

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