Wednesday , October 5 2022

Ryanair agrees to the collective agreement ver.di TIME ONLINE


Irish cheap airline Ryanair have agreed with the union ver.di in talks about talking about their German cabin crew. That's what Ryanair said. Ver.di first confirmed that there was an agreement without giving details.

In the agreement, Ryanair recognizes the validity of the German language labor law for all aircraft servicing workers based in Germany, and in the next two years, pledges to increase wage growth, as the company said. Members of the trade union should now vote on a collective agreement.

Parts of the cabin crew were laid off in late September in several European countries, including Germany. Ver.di had based a strike on Ryanair's lack of offer. The Union wanted a significantly higher income in the collective agreement and demanded working conditions in accordance with German law.

The strike struck Germany's Schönefeld Airport in Germany. 52 out of 92 take-off and landing cases had to be canceled. In August, Ryanair's previous wave of similar-sized strikes has canceled around 400 flights across Europe using more than 2,400 connections per day. At that time, 150 flights were canceled in Germany.

Obviously, in response to strikes, the company announced in October that it would shut down the territory of Bremen and reduce the fleet in the Weeze city of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Ryanair is the largest budget airline in Europe. Aircraft are flying to more than 200 airports in almost 40 countries and operate from 86 airports in Europe and North Africa. A high-performing enterprise employs almost 15,000 people. 2017/2018 In the financial year, the company earned € 1.45 billion, with sales of € 7.15 billion.

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