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PS4 Pro: The new CUH-7216B model in volume test


PS4 Pro: The new CUH-7216B model in volume test

The new PS4 Pro series with a model number of CUH-7200 or in this country CUH-7216B was originally offered only with Red Dead Redemption 2. Meanwhile, the new hardware version is also available as a standalone version commercially. There are no visible technical or visual changes.

However, it's seen that the new PS4 Pro CUH-7216B is significantly quieter than previous models. As long as the fan noise reaches a steady state, some users now report the sound of the sound of the coil whistle.

CUH-7216B: Quiet PS4 Pro

After discussing and commenting on the noise of the new PS4 Pro in various internet forums, Digital Foundry technical experts have taken this issue. With different PS4 Pro models, they have taken appropriate tests. The CUH-7216B was found to be the quietest Sony high-end console model.

"The PlayStation 4 Pro has created outstanding display resolution and created some amazing games," said Digital Foundry. "The sounds of the release models are really annoying. The CUH 7100 version has improved things, but now we have a new Pro – and this is the hardest version ever."

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So, if you are considering buying a PS4 Pro, you should be careful about getting the latest model as the price will not change by about $ 400. In a few weeks, some better prices are expected due to the so-called Black Friday offers. Meet the new PS4 Pro sound proofing information in the Digital Foundry video analysis:

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