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OnePlus 6T: Violet coming soon (Update: now officially)


Photos of the third color option

OnePlus 6T has just entered the market and already has a new smartphone variant in startup blocks. In addition to the colors Midnight Black and Mirror Black will soon be a purple special edition with low-cost luxury handsets. Now it confirms OnePlus. This is what the OnePlus 6T looks like in Thunder Purple.

It's the way OnePlus 6T looks colored

This is what OnePlus 6T looks like in "Thunderbolt". (Source: OnePlus)

Update Nov 6, 16:28: In its turn, Thunder Purple special edition is also officially offered on the Chinese OnePlus website. As expected, it is a model with 128 gigabytes and 8 gigabytes of memory. It is awarded at the same price as the corresponding variants in black.

From November 9, OnePlus 6T will be sold in Thunder Purple in China. Thanks to the German Amazon list, we continue to assume that a purple smartphone will soon be offered in this country.

Initial statement of 5 November 2018

Earlier, OnePlus has released a special version of its smartphone in vivid colors. To date, the Chinese manufacturer often relied on a red color. It's obviously different with the upcoming OnePlus 6T. Here is a special edition in purple or "Thunderbolt", because the color of OnePlus ringing appears.

OnePlus 6T in the first test overview The new Chinese smartphone is practically used OnePlus has unveiled its new OnePlus 6T smartphone in New York. From November 6th, the leading killer announced himself will be available for less than 600 euros. Netzwelt was already allowed to try a mobile phone. First test Read it now

So far, the OnePlus announcement on the third-color version has been presented, but on the network, evidence of this increase. Shortly after October 29th, the purple version of the German Amazon site was temporarily listed at 579 euros. Accordingly, it is offered at the same price as two black models. According to an online retailer, the release date is scheduled for November 30th.

The Indian site already shows an option

OnePlus Support Sheet 6T has also listed Thunder Purple as a ticket. Meanwhile, special edition photographs have been published on the Indian OnePlus website. We have summarized them below in the gallery.

As already mentioned, the OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple is a special edition that will only be available in a storage version with 8 gigabytes of work memory and 128 Gigabytes of storage.

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