Sunday , February 28 2021

Nintendo sues a couple of $ 12 million

no Andreas Bertits
Nintendo had to pay more than $ 12 million to play Nintendo consoles for two downloadable ROMs. The couple is godly and even wrote an apology as an open letter.

By using the websites and, the couple offered to play ROME until July 2018. NintendoThe consoles included Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World and Mario Kart 64. Now, over and Nintendo have agreed in court that the pair will pay NJ $ 12.23 million in damages.

The proposed ROM can be expensive

The couple, Jacob and Christian Mathias, all agreed and agreed to the payment. All ROMs had to be removed from the site and the pairs had to transfer all Nintendo games and emulators according to court order. A few pages from now on has published an open letter to Nintendo, in which she apologizes:

"Our websites, and have previously provided unauthorized copies of Nintendo games, thus violating Nintendo trademark and copyright laws." recognizes that Nintendo, its partners and customers are protected with an agreement to stop these activities. For legitimate Nintendo games online, please visit for information on the Nintendo Game Store. "

Source: Eurogamer

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