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Net Reminder: This product can even be deadly – at worst

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Anyone who recently bought a sandwich from Netto should be careful: the German brand product may have the wrong date before the best day.

Maxhütte-Haidhof – Customers who have recently bought a Netto discount should now be careful: the Bavarian supermarket chain has to recall a sandwich product that, if consumed, may lead to a life-threatening situation.

The event affects the Take Away product and only the "Ham & Gouda" taste. Sandwich maker from the refrigerator is a German company "freshcompany GmbH" located in Weinstadt / Baden-Württemberg. In addition to sandwiches, the company also produces baked goods and snacks.

Video: Sandwich call back to Netto

Sandwich Recall for Netto: This is a product to be recognized

The reason for country-wide recall is incorrectly stated the best pre-date (MHD). Many products can usually be consumed after that date, as pointed out. However, this is not the case with the current recall procedure for Netto. Thus, some product sales may contain a date in a pack of 185 grams 2019/05/25 in terms of durability, but it may be an erroneous indication.

Instead, the goods should not be consumed after 24 April (Wednesday) for security reasons, so for more details. Who has bought a sandwich can – even without a receipt – come back and get the right price.

Take Away ham & gouda must be recalled.

© freshcompany GmbH

As a manufacturer of "freshcompany" and Discounter Netto, they have already removed the "Hams & Gouda" fragrance from the shelves of Take Away butter and are therefore no longer available for purchase.

Net Revocation: Dangerous to the following people

People who have expired may sometimes have serious consequences: there is a risk that bacteria may develop in food after the expiry date. They threaten the health of people with weak immune systems. These are pregnant women, newborns or the elderly and sick people. In the worst case, the burden of bacteria can even cause death.

Customers from Discounter Kaufland also recently experienced an unwelcome surprise: the Easter specialty needs to be reminded because salmonella was discovered.

Apple also has problems with it. Because of the electric shock, it was now recalled to this Prdoukts.


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