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Murder of Insulin: carers also killed in Northern Germany

From: November 13, 2013 at 18:24

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Joseph Wimmers, Head of the Munich Murder Commission, speaks to the press.

Another series of homicides in the healthcare sector are shaking Germany. up to Nurse Högel, a 36-year-old nurse assistant, has been told that he has injected six people in Germany with insulin injections. After arrest in February 2018, Ottobrunn at Munich discovered extensive publicity investigations for unknown activities. Pole, who was used for 24 hours of home care, was also killed three times in the north, according to investigators: on July 30, 2017, a 66-year-old man died in Hanover. Two more victims died in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Investigators identified 68 places where the defendant worked during the infringement.

Themes: betrayal, greed, low ground

These statements are serious: six times killed and three times attempted to kill and seriously attack. The Munich Public Prosecutor's Office reveals four qualities of murder. "We begin by concealing treachery, greed, low motivation and crime," says Anne Leiding, Chief Prosecutor, in opposition to He, who was an unskilled carer in the Polish and Slovak agencies in the German care service, also had to steal his victims. The defendant recognizes the insulin dose in twelve cases, but denies the cost of killing.

Laws from April 2017 to February 2018



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Following the murders of nurse Niels Högel, politics promised improvements in patient safety. However, many are disappointed with the new funeral law.
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The Killing series began in April 2017 in the Ditmarschen district of Schleswig-Holstein. There he killed and stole 77 years old. In February 2018, he was transferred to Ottobrunn near Munich. Careful savers warned after an unsuccessful rescue policeman who seized the corpse for legal medicine. There were punctures discovered there. Perhaps the culprit is diabetes mellitus, a few months before the start of the series, he got an insulin syringe and was therefore informed about the risks and use of the medicine. "We are pretty sure that we have found out all the work," said lawyer Leidinga. "Now we are preparing a prosecution."

Additional information

It is suspected that a nursing helper has been killed by insulin in patients across the country. The case is also checked in Hannover. It wakes up memory of former sister Niels H. (08.03.2018.)

Niels Högel, former nurse in Oldenburg, acknowledged the 100 murders he was accused of at the start of the trial. His work had mocked him, he told the court. (10/21/2012)

This is one of the biggest attempts at the murder of the post-war period: Niels Högel, a former nurse, is in Oldenburg due to a hundred times the murder trial. The most important information is available here. (10/21/2015)

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