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Munich: balloon raises chaos for comfortable train – driver injured by electric arc


This aluminum cylinder in Munich caused the chaos of a suburban train.

© Kai Kruschinski / Deutsche Bahn AG / dpa

Munich is once again a significant S-Bahn breakthrough, which affects tens of thousands of passengers again. Activate this time: balloon.

Munich – an aluminum coating balloon has triggered the recent S-Bahn chaos in Munich with the consequence of tens of thousands of people. The balloon was hit by a catenary and triggered a short-circuit, the federal police said on Sunday. The result on Saturday afternoon was an electric bullet with loud explosions and smoke – the head of the S-Bahn was hurt. The 42-year-old arrived at the hospital. The air line is roasted, according to the Bahn representative by and pulled off. The fast transit railroad, located between the main station and Stachus, was evacuated by the fire brigade and the federal police. About 275 passengers were affected.

Arc leads to current fluctuations

The arc triggered power fluctuations in the overhead line network, so there were problems with Moosach and Obermenzing, the Federal Police and Bahn further reported. It affected a number of trains. A large part of the so-called highway, which is the most important S-Bahn route through the center of Munich, was closed for about four hours. Tens of thousands of people traveled or, in some cases, were late. Two commuter trains stayed on the road for a long time, but it was not to be collected.

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Aluminum coating cylinders must not be used on railway stations. Helium-filled balloons are popular for children and are growing when they are released. Again and again this happens on the shorts when such a balloon enters the contact wire. After the event, the Federal Police evaluated the determination of the calyx video. At first officials were not suspected.

Regular downtime and delays in the main line

About 840,000 people use S-Bahn in Munich on a daily basis. This is more than two thirds of passenger rail traffic in Bavaria. There are huge failures and delays on the regular highway. Cause: In the city center area, S-Bahn trains are closely related to time and mostly in two rails. For example, if the train stops, the trains are behind it.

Currently, the railroad is the second main line. If everything goes according to the plan, the first trains should turn around in 2026. The project, which costs around four billion euros, is expected to nearly double the capacity of the chronically overloaded route through the city center of Munich. The central element is a 7-kilometer long tunnel, up to 40 meters underground.

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