Thursday , March 30 2023

Man threatens a woman at a gun service: arrest – panoramic news


Directly from the dpa news channel

Bochum (dpa) – A man has saved a gas station employee in Bochum with a gun during the expected hour. A 54-year-old could escape; a 46-year-old armed man was later arrested.

He was sure to give up the task a few minutes after the woman had escaped. As the police said, the victims and the perpetrators were unhealthy. The act took place in Langendreer quarter.

The German woman was soon after 8:00 at his power. The police went to a large contingent, including special forces. Several bus stations around the gas station were closed. A police spokesman said that there has been talk of police and offenders and victims over and over again.

The deal background was in the human private domain to search for it, but it is still unclear. The police did not want to give details first. The gas station employee was informed as an unrelated third party in this situation. Investigators had previously excluded the terrorist environment.

For more information, you should get acquainted with the man. The victim was also heard on Monday. The petrol station was still closed so that the police could provide traps on the spot.

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