Wednesday , August 17 2022

Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt advertises information letters for large cars


In November, the Federal Motor Vehicle Authority (KBA) sent around 1.5 million letters for diesel vehicles that did not meet the latest emission standards. The official letter should be informed about the manufacturer's exchange premiums and the opportunity to replace the old diesel fuel with a new one. Instead of limiting itself to it, KBA undoubtedly promotes the purchase of new cars.

The exchange bonus would make "an effective and significant contribution to reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality in our cities," quotes Spiegel from the letter from the KBA. In order for the affected drivers not to miss any offer for the diesel fuel exchange program, they received the letters from the vehicle manufacturer BMW, Daimler phone numbers and Internet addresses.

German environmental aid: "federal government car advertising"

While the vehicle owner is free to "keep himself informed of ongoing exchange campaigns with other manufacturers," it clearly refers to the benefits of "membership fleet renewal". According to the KBA, these vehicles can be sold with advanced emission control technologies and therefore improve air, of course, by "limiting mobility behavior".

The German environmental director, Jürgen Resch, criticizes the unveiling of the benefits of Neuwagenkauf and shows an incredible process, as the "mirror" continues to write. "The federal government offers ads for cars," said Resch and appealed to the federal government to take action. Lastly, it should work for the well-being of the population rather than re-transfer the car to the manufacturer's side.

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