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Judgment of the court: Chimpanzee Robby is allowed to stay in the circus



judgment Chip Robby is allowed to stay in the circus

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Chimp Robby Chimp Robby

Ringmaster Klausam Köhler does not have to work without his Robi

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The district requested a move to the rehabilitation of monkeys. Now judges in Lüneburg have decided: Although Robby is "very worried", he does not have to be discharged.

Wo Has the circus chimp practically grown only for humans in recent years? It was decided on Thursday by the Lower Saxony Supreme Administrative Court. Riph has spent more than four decades on the chimpanzee in a small circus – and right where he remains, the court will try in Lüneburg. Robi is considered a nationwide scale, possibly in the last hop circus.

"I'm glad I can hold my baby," said his owner, Ringmaster Klaus Köhler, right after the court's decision. According to him, the monkey is 47 years old, the court was 43 years old.

In any case, in any case, Robbie is a circle of monkeys, even a little vision, the chimps become older. Kohler was sued against the decision of the Celle County, according to which Robby should come to a rescue center specializing in the rehabilitation of monkeys.

Robi was not kept in the right way

Although Robi is undoubtedly worrisome, he does not have to play, the judges decided. Although Robby was influenced by man, it was not kept in the right way and with other monkeys. However, the area, among other things, did not take sufficient account of the high age of animals and the possible threat of rehabilitation.

In addition, it was not taken into account that the monkeys on the site might have been in direct contact with only a few species. Consequently, the Senate, unlike the Lüneburg Administrative Court, decided last April.

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What a huge animal: Chimpanzee Robby is 1.50 meters long and weighs 75 pounds. Behind him: Ringmaster Klaus Köhler

Thursday's hearing was about the least harm to Robi. The Senate listened to the expert veterinarian for his decision. Robby is lacking in social contacts and skills, said expert Pierre Grothmann.

Men's chimps have development problems and they can not survive typical behaviors, such as sexual activity. On the other hand, Robi was castrated for a long time.

"Robby does not know the monkeys"

Robi was born in a zoo and retired from his coat of arms at a young age, after which he came to Klaus Cöller's circus liner. "Robbie does not know the monkeys, just the people – we are their owners," said Caesar Köhler. "This is a personality with human traits." Robi rarely appears when it feels like that. But the family accompanies him several hours a day. "Withholding him would be a death sentence," said Köhler.

Animal welfare groups have long called for wildlife to be banned from circus. Thus, the basis of the "Four Paws" was dissatisfied with the judgment. She called on the federal government to adopt a national ban. Peta also has campaign years: on Thursday, about dozens of her supporters showed up in front of a court building and detained banners with the words "Animals from the circus".

Now, the Celle District wants to check if he can appeal the revocation.

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