Monday , October 3 2022

It seems that the cartel office does not have any reservations about mergers of supermarkets


Karstadt and Kaufhof branches

DusseldorfAccording to internal data, the Bundeskartellamt does not impose any obstacles in the chain stores Kaufhof and Karstadt during the merger. The notified companies, Handelsblatt, confirmed that the cartel will approve the merger plans without due diligence.

In the first phase, this Friday, the cartel office was able to look at plans. The representative of the Antimonopoly Agency did not want to comment on the information and pointed out the expiration on Friday. A Kaufhof owner's HBC spokesman said the group was waiting for a competition security decision, the representative of Karstadt's owner Signa could not be reached.

The North American retail giant HBC and Austrian Signa launched a joint venture between two former archival rivals in mid-September. According to HBC, the combined companies generated € 5.4 billion in 2017. The Joint Undertaking should employ 32 000 people.

In particular, Kaufhof's workforce is worried that it could lead to many job cuts. The red-hot owner, Rene Benko, in turn, rejected speculation about the huge job cuts in Kauffhof in the Warenhausfusion process.

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