Tuesday , May 30 2023

Infineon buys Siltectra: € 124 million for SiC specialists


With the acquisition of Infineon, it plans to provide the delivery of SiC products over a long period of time, as Siltectra has developed a special technology.

"Cold Distribution" is the name given to the silicon carbide blade cutting method, which can double the number of chips that can be obtained from the wafer. The goal is to provide silicon carbide (SiC) products over the long term with the help of high-density composite technology. An agreement on the purchase price of 124 million euro was the previous major owner of the venture capital investor MIG Fond.

"This acquisition will help us expand our silicon carbide portfolio as new material. Cold splicing technology complements our system's understanding and know-how in the area of ​​wafer technology, "says Dr. Reinhard Ploss, Executive Director Infineon"Thanks to the Cold Split technology, the increased availability of SiC waffles will greatly ease the influx of our SiC products, in particular to further expand renewable energy and increase the use of SiCs in electric vehicle propulsion."

Siltectra was founded in 2010 and has a patent portfolio of more than 50 patent families. In the initial process, a process is developed that can distribute crystalline materials with minimal material loss compared to conventional cutting technology. This technology can also be used for SiC semiconductor materials, which is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. For example, SiC products are mainly used in highly efficient and compact photovoltaic converters. In the future SiC will play an increasingly important role in electric mobility. Further development of high-end split technologies will take place on the current Siltectra website in Dresden and on the Infineon site in Villach, Austria. An industrial application is expected in the next five years.

Infineon is the only company in the world that already produces semiconductors on an industrial scale in 300 millimeter silicon thin wafers that can now be transferred to thin wafer technology SiC. Cold splitting technologies such as cutting of preforms or other materials, with the exception of silicon carbide, can be used in the future.

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