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Infectious disease to be prevented – already vaccinated against measles?

Health experts call for measles vaccination to be checked

Although since the introduction of the 40 year old vaccine, measles has been reduced, the eradication of the infectious disease has been disturbed several times. This is because there are too few people vaccinated in this country. Health experts now ask for their vaccination against measles to be tested.

Due to the low vaccination rate, the measles destruction fails

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has set a target for the destruction of measles around the world, experts report that mass casualties in Europe increased significantly only at the beginning of the year. It is possible to eradicate infectious diseases if 95 percent of the population is protected against it for a long time. However, in Germany, this target has not yet been reached to report again and again on the increasing number of measles diseases. Therefore, the Federal Health Education Center (BZgA) calls in its campaign "Germany is seeking vaccination against measles?" To check the measles vaccine protection.

Since too few people in Germany have been vaccinated against measles, health professionals once again call for the repetition of their vaccine protection. (Image: pit24 /

Even adults need to protect themselves

"Masala is not a harmless childhood disease. Effective measles vaccination is just as important for adolescents and adults born after 1970 as for babies," explains Drs. Heidrun Thais, Head of BZgA, in a statement.

The expert explained that parents used the screening tests to refer to the necessary vaccination of children, and 95 percent would also be considered a measles vaccine for their offspring, if needed.

"However, many children get vaccinations later than they suggested or miss the second, which is required for a full dose of vaccine protection. More than half of all measles in Germany affects adolescents and adults up to 45 years of age." Thaiss

And: "Many adults born after 1970 do not know that they are also advised to take measles vaccines, so BZgA is calling for a separate measles vaccine to be tested."

According to the BZgA nationwide representative study of vaccination, 87% of adults surveyed believe that the goal of preventing measles is important or very important.

However, data from the study also show that adult measles vaccine is only 77% important or very important for people born after 1970.

Very contagious disease

Bait is very contagious. The disease is transmitted with a droplet of infection. It starts with flu-like symptoms such as an increased fever, cough and runny nose. Subsequently, the characteristic rash follows.

In general, bait weakens the immune system. As a result, this, incidentally, can lead to bronchitis, inflammation of the middle ear or pneumonia. In rare cases, the infection can be fatal.

The disease is especially dangerous for infants and young children. (Advertising)

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