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HSV against FC Cologne 1. FC in live symbol: who goes to # 1 2. Bundesliga?


2. Bundesliga live pendulum: 0: 0 – Hamburg will not play despite dominant position against Cologne in the first half

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Hamburger SV - 1st floor Cologne

Figure 1/2 – in Hamburg and Cologne missing zero

Hamburger SV v 1. FC Koeln - Second Bundesliga

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Figure 2/2 – Cologne Marcel Risse in duel with Hamburg Jan-Fiete Arp


This is the 2nd best game in the Bundesliga – and that's a lot. HSV receives 1 st FC Cologne for the opening of the scene 1. To win, both clubs should be enough to overtake St. Paul's bow head. Prestigious duel lifted live pendulum.

Hamburger SV – 1 FC Cologne 0: 0

HSV: Pollersbeck – Sakai, Lacroix, Van Drongelen, Douglas Santos – Mangala – Narey, Hunt, Holtby, Arp – Lasogga
1. FC Cologne: T. Horn – Cracks, Meré, Czichos, Hector – Höger – Schaub, Drexler, Özcan, Guirassy – Terodde

46th minute: Hamburg's Narey is collecting the right-hand side. However, at the end of the event, the goalkeeper puts the ball in an upright position, with the edge facing the carpenter.

46 minutes: Repeat the second half. There are still no changes.

45+. 2 Minutes: break in Hamburg! HSV will be delighted with the fact that there is still an endless emphasis here. The cologne can now collect the first one. In the second half of the year, Markus eleven eleven must clearly learn points in Hamburg.

45+. 1 minute: Cologne target approach! After a moment on the right side, Marcel Risse tries to draw 15 meters, which Pollersbeck moves from the right. Marco Höger heads up, but the ball is not right.

44 minutes: Cologne Marco Höger sees the first half of the game's yellow card area.

42 minutes: It was tiny from Lewis Holtby. Hamburgers move from the goal line to Horn, want to play the backcourt and cast the Lasogga scene. However, Holtby did not answer his pass with a good two meters. It had more HSV.

35 minutes: Lasogga attacks the HSV free kick from a good position in Cologne's wall.

33 minutes: The Cologne game here is too transparent. High-stacked full wings Risse and Hector usually open the game. Hamburg puts the opponents in the wings only, so FC can hardly take dangerous places.

28 minutes: very strong from Arp! The 18-year-old ball gets to the left and goes straight. A quick look up, a ball on the right leg, a small attacker on the goal end: after all, his attempt of 20 meters just crossed the left hand. It was a real act of Arjen-Robben!

25 minutes: Is it? Narey plays a great ball through Arp, who is screwed into the penalty area in Cologne. In Chicago, Hamburg is screaming at the young star's ball, and this is inexplicable. Hamburg's opponents know to be happy at the keeper's place.

21 minutes: Good work by Luis Schaub. The Cologne midfielder has dangerously crossed the right in front of the box in front of the Hamburger Box. There Terodde did not think fast enough: Pollersbeck leaked before FC struck the ball out of the air.

17. Minute: Because you can make a fine, but this referee does not. Again Hamburg Left back Douglas Santos, who pulls on Cologne's goal. This time he shot straight ahead of the penalty area. Chichos pass the ball from three yards to the raised arm. Body surface increased? Yes. But where else should go? Tough decision. 2. Bundesliga is not a video proof.

15 minutes: almost the HSV cord! Douglas Santos moves from the middle position and plays the Cologne goalkeeper perfectly with his right foot!

13 minutes: Heavyweight Marcel Risse moves from over 30 meters to the target of HSV. The low ball is still redirected and trickles across the left to the gate.

11 minutes: Both teams are now trying to stop the challenged midfield with long balls under control. That makes sense, because in front of the storm shelves Lasogga (HSV) and Terodde (Cologne). But this does not look appealing.

7 minutes: Almost punished HSV Cologne vote error! The gap to Timo Hornam, which Lasogga may almost end up, cools down. The Cologne goalkeeper reacts, but warns and strikes the ball straight ahead of the penalty area hard on the side.

4 minutes: The fans of both clubs move forward their teams loudly. The teams also try hard to show the desire to get the result. But there is not yet a dangerous goal finish.

1 minute: kick-off in Hamburg! As a reminder: if Hamburg today defeats Cologne, they will replace the city's rivals St. Paul at the top of the table. 1. FC Cologne is enough to go to place 1 because the better goal difference is even done in Hamburg.

20:27: The Kemp and the Hamburg team run out of the player's tunnel to the pitch under the white confetti rain. This game really brings a great look: was there such a high-quality second-division game ever?

20:21: Hamburger Volkspark warns of gossips: the light ends, and the whole audience sing Uwe Seeler's birthday serenade.

20:05: HSV trainer Hanness Wolf talks to the sky about Lasogga and Terodde tournament: "These are very similar players, both of whom can physically defend themselves, and we want to place us today at the center of Lasogga and put them in good condition."

19:41: The list is here! When guests from Cologne storm Simon Terodde replaced Jhon Cordoba who played in the cup against Schalke from the start. The HSV begins, as expected, with a concentrated offensive: Aaron Hunt, Lewis Holtby, Jan-Fiete Arp and Pierre-Michel Lasoggi start eleven.

19:31. Am: Before the start of the second leg of the best game, only an hour remains, and tensions increase. The Hamburger Volkspark has been outsold, and it's possible that Uwe Seeler will be honored this evening as part of the match against FC Köln 1st. The Hamburg legend celebrates 82nd birthday today.

18:29: Duel HSV to Cologne is also the coach of Terodde and Pierre-Michel Lasoggi duel. The FC striker with 13 goals is by far the most successful coach in the second league. Lasogga is the most expensive player in the 2nd Bundesliga. According to Titus, he was mostly Joker, but came in five hits. Since Wolf is the main trainer in the Hanseatic League, 26, is a permanent staff member and confident in Magdeburg as a writer and Wiesbaden as an executor of the will.

17:43: Hamburg Sports Council Ralph Becker believes co-operation with coach Hannus Wolf in the second festival is a sustainable solution. "I'm convinced that after one year we will continue to be in this constellation that we can work together for several years," Baker said in an interview with Kicker. The coach's Christian Titz's change from Wolf "is completely in my back," said Becker.

If the end of the HSV season does not increase, the club "will not be threatened with its existence, but of course we will change the essential things if we stay in the 2nd league," said 48-year-old. The semi-annual salary level should continue to be reduced this half-year. Becker: "Then we would be the usual second division."

17:15: Class 1 Cologne scored 21 points as leader on the twelfth agenda. At the same place behind the hamburger. After the Sunday games take over, HSV's rivals FC St. Pauli (22) has already won after Arminia Bielefeld's first place victory. In any case, Kiezkickers will lose, even if Hamburg and Cologne are not destined. 1. FC Cologne has waited for three league games. HSV is a difficult time, especially at home. There were only two wins in the Volksparkstadion in six games.

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