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HIV positive: Andrey for his life with HIV

How is HIV positive diagnosed? In 2015, Andrew (36) found out he was infected with a virus – a shock to him and his partner Fabian (26). At first they believed that it was André's death sentence. Today, both lead to normal life and explain the infection. Because there is a lot of bias and half knowledge about HIV / AIDS. On the other hand, only one thing helps: talk about it.

HIV positive: no death sentence

"Well, the first thought was horror, yes, I think the horrors are good," André remembers the moment in which he is the diagnosis is HIV positive got it At that time, a marketing consultant worked with architect Fabian for three years. "Of course, I've been thinking a lot about how to say Fabi that I'm HIV positive," says Andrew. Regardless of general issues, such as "Do I still work?" or "How long will I live?" he was very afraid that Fabian would leave him. But his friend never thought about separation, Fabian from the beginning was sure: "We can do it together." His biggest concern was that his partner would soon die. Absolutely unreasonable concerns, both of which are known today. its HIV is no longer a death sentence,

HIV is not the same as AIDS

HIV and AIDS are often treated equally. It is not right. HIV, abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virusis an infection that weakens the immune system. UnbehanDelt leads to AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). However, if HIV is being treated, AIDS has not disappeared. This means that HIV infection is always there AIDS causebut not every HIV-infected person is automatically infected with AIDS.

Because HI virus not curabler patients should undergo life-long therapy. It takes place in tablet form. For example, Andrey takes one tablet a day and is thus "below the limit", that is, he the virus can not pass onHe has no side effects, liver and kidney are regularly checked. "It's pretty simple for me," he says. "The fact that therapies are now so well tolerated are HIV-positive people normal life "confirms Fabian.

Thus, the positive daily life of HIV is almost unchanged from healthy people. "When you are in therapy, you are is no longer contagious"says Fabian," so you're no longer a danger to other people, or especially to your sexual partner. And that's not what many people know. "

Only a few can be verified

The tricky thing about HI virus is that you not necessarily symptoms or discomfort telling you that something is wrong. And even if you have health problems, you can often not give them. "Therefore, relatively few people can try or go to a doctor when AIDS has already fallen," says Andrew.

In any case, the biggest problem is that most people do not know what they are doing. "Before diagnosing Andrew, I always always think that I'm really well informed," reminds Fabian, especially because he does not really think about the topic, "because it has nothing to do with." Andre and he has one a huge difference in knowledge open "At first, I ask myself questions like: Can we drink glass?" Fabian thinks back and adds, "If anyone knows that it's already known for 10 years now that it's impossible to get infected during treatment – not kissing, no sex without condoms… it's only obvious that nobody knows. "This ignorance leads to the fact that society is still an outdated image of HIV to exist. And this social stigma is the worst, let's say that both.

HIV is not pure gay

Lack of knowledge Andrew explains: "Of course, you usually use a condom at first, but at one point you trust yourself." How many actually go to the doctor with their friend or girlfriend and are tested before condoms? "is released?"

Fabian can confirm this in conversations with colleagues. "When I listen to it, it's often said," Well, if she takes the pill, you can even leave a condom. "Only some people think that more than unwanted pregnancy can happen. "HIV is not pure goose"says Fabian. "There are also heterosexual people many unidentified infections. "

"Nothing special"

Andre HIV positive and FabiansSince 1995, the number of new infections in Germany has remained constant – from 2000 to 2,500 per year. About 87,000 people live in this country with HI virus 13,000 of them do not knowAndrew and Fabian had the reason to publicize their story. "Our goal is not to say that you do not have to be protected from HIV because it is not bad," says Andrew. "We I want to illuminate and show how important it is to talk about this topic. But we also want to show that working with HIV patients is no different from how we work with people without HIV. "

Both started engaging in Andre's Ride, charity events or nightclub events. Since that year they have also supported the campaign "#nochvielvor"This goal is to get the couple to reach people who are open and do not touch the HIV issue Influenced by courage take it Because only one thing helps against social stigma: talking.

Three Facts You Need to Know About HIV:

  • An HIV sufferer who is successful in therapy is up in no way sticky
  • HIV tests are offered by doctors, health services and AIDS.
  • In Germany, about 13,000 heterosexual and homosexual people are not aware of their HIV infection and are therefore not treated. People who know the infection are usually treated, and unlike the 13,000 unknowing people, there are no more infections. Only a test helps!

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