Sunday , March 7 2021

Helpdesk warns of Ebola epidemic in Uganda

/ dpa

Cologne – Malteser Hilfsdienst is afraid of an outbreak of Ebola in Uganda. Since July, the disease has already infected 333 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, yesterday – in Cologne. For the first time, the virus spread to a densely populated area of ​​conflict that left thousands of people on a number of occasions.

"Our concern is that the Ebola epidemic could spread through refugees in Uganda," said Raland Hansen, Director of Malteser International Africa. Therefore, the organization increases the prevention of Ugandan infections and trains workers in the treatment of Ebola patients.

Outbreaks of communicable diseases and epidemics are always under the help of the Congo. An increasing number of conflicts in the country have led to some 13 million people in need of humanitarian aid. "This fragile situation is a great cause of epidemics such as Ebola," Hansen said. © KNA /

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