Wednesday , March 29 2023

“Heart for children”: THANK YOU for 25 977 285 euros! – Heart for children


Fight against hunger and the needs of children

For five years now, the Disaster Response Alliance has been caring for children in need of wars, climate disasters and epidemics.

Businessman Dagmārs Vorls tells the story of Josi from Kenya: For about 1.75 billion children worldwide, their school was closed due to Korona. For Josi, this means that school lunch is not the most important meal of the day. Seven million children suffer from hunger.

Actor Sebastian Headquarters reports of a lack of vaccination protection for millions of children, not against Corona, but against many childhood diseases.

Moderator Nazan Ekks 80 million people are fleeing war, terror and famine. Including countless children with families.

Tatort Commissioner Ulrike Falkert recalls that the number of natural disasters has doubled in the last ten years. They are destroying countless schools, day care centers and children’s rooms. They make families homeless.

Heart for Children supports disaster response support to alleviate children’s needs and suffering.

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