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"Hard but honest": "Clans have replaced the Germans"

WIf guests are not already in agreement, if there is a problem to be discussed with them, it promises to be a heated debate. It was "hard but fair" with the theme: "Criminal Network for Clans – Is the Judiciary and the Police Powerless?" The guests were NRW Minister of the Interior Herbert Reuls (CDU) and Berlin Attorney Petra Leister, RBB reporter Olaf Sundermeyer, reporting clans, and Michael Kuhr, Head of Security. First of all, they wanted to talk about clan-related crime and possible solutions.

However, two other guests saw only general suspicion: Burkhard Benecken, lawyer of Arafat Abou-Chaker and other scene sizes, and Ahls Omeirat, Ezene's green politician and clan family name. They argued that Sundermeyer had not carried out a thorough investigation, the prosecutor's office could not adequately protect the witnesses. Anyone who already uses the word "clan" will find Omeirath, it does not seriously mean integration.

Ahmad Omeirat, who sits on the City Hall of the City of Essen in 1985, arrived in Germany with his parents from Lebanon as a two-year-old boy. He grew up as a refugee child, and believes that he has a reputation. "Attacks come through social media, anonymous letters," he says. "I think that the media and the police contribute to these attacks."

"Not everyone who has this name is a criminal"

Interior Minister Herbets Reel contradicts: "There are no words, but the facts are that we have criminal structures and, strangely enough, they are suitable for certain families." If the state does not care, it's irresponsible. "This does not mean that anyone with such a name is a criminal."

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Focus Berlin-Neukölln

However, criminal structures flow smoothly into family structures. The hardcore Nidal R., after his murder in Berlin, has shown that the last honor is more than 2000 people. Nidal R. 14 was imprisoned for 36 years. Sundermeyer has also looked at the funeral. "The number of people who go to funeral expresses their status." Who-who-organized crime was present.

Benecken contradicts and explains that his client, Abou-Chaker, who was there, is a clean template. In fact, Abou-Chaker has not been convicted, but has already been tried 33 times – and is currently being charged with threats and attacks. His snacks Berlin-Treptow were released with 15 bullets. "You can not say that only the lamb goes to the funeral there to eat a crumb cake," says Sundermeyer.

Clans fire faster than other criminals

But why are family members of Abou-Chaker, Remmo, Miri or Omeirat becoming criminals? The first members of the clan arrived in the 1970s as refugees from Lebanon, who, to this day, live with confidence only in Germany. For a long time, discussions are based on errors in integration. Leister outlines: "Suspects have been poorly integrated, it may be, but the problem does not change," says Chief Prosecutor.

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She points out that over and over again the same people are suspicious and the same lawyers are always shown as defenders in court. Lawyer Benecke claims to be investigating a media campaign. "We are extremely overloaded," Leister replied. "I have nothing to worry about." In Berlin, 22 per cent of suspected offenses are organized crime clans.

Michael Kuhr, Head of Security Service, is trying to explain the success of large families in the context of organized crime. "The Arab community is particularly close. Call and then immediately 20 people." Unlike German criminals, they are ready to shoot fast. "With this cruelty, they have pushed the Germans out of the market and seized the drugs." That Kuhr speaks so honestly, probably also because he is the multiple Kicksbox World Champion and can protect himself in an emergency.

Are witnesses adequately protected?

Witnesses are usually more cautious. Leister notes that they always jumped in the process. "When it becomes clear who the suspect is, the witnesses resign. Unfortunately, no one wants to file a complaint," she says. Omeirath has been accused of insufficient protection of witnesses. But she is in contradiction: the police accompany witnesses to the courtroom and outside, suspect suspects and address environmental threats.

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Throughout the country, police and judicial authorities have increased pressure on clans. Real estate buyers must prove that their money comes from legitimate sources. Shisha Bar – Famous Family Meeting Places – Health Department, Customs or Tax Investigation to transfer pinpricks. "The family gets nervous," Sundermeyer says. However, pre-trial investigations are now underway, and small municipal administrations should also be involved.

The issue of the proposal by Neukölln Youth City Council Falco Liecke, who has paid close attention, also discusses the arrangements: Liecke wants to take children from particularly criminal families in the care of the Children's Youth Welfare Bureau. "This is a populist demand," says Omeirath. "If you want to protect the children, you do it with objective work, eliminating it." Sundermeyer doubts the practical implementation of the proposal, but agrees with Liecke's concern: "Children are cultivated in an environment where crime is recognized."

The real conclusion is not a program where the problem is already controversial. If, as Benecke and Omeirat say, the problem is mainly promoted by the media and politics, they should not allow them to enter the air. But at least on this issue, both parties agree. The most important thing is the way the theme is discussed, Sundermeyer says.

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