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Hamburg: misfortune! Construction worker to check roller coasters for a folklore festival – and die drama on the Alpena coast


Employee dies in Hamburg Cathedral accident

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There was a tragic accident in Hamburg during the construction of the cathedral in Hamburg, when the roller coaster was cut off by the builder and killed.

Hamburg – Hamburg's domi four times a year really excels with pleasure, abundance and publicity. As reported by *, overshadowed onetragic accident, which took place during the construction of the winter dome this year in Heiligenstadtfeld, Pending Friday opening at one of the largest folk festivals in the north.

Hamburg: An accident in the American hills: a person is being driven by Alpine Coaster

Construction work in the Cathedral of Hamburg

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On Thursday afternoon, a 44-year-old worker had to test the Alpine Coaster ride. The Verjunga hills are about 24 meters high, their rails are generally 500 meters long. But there was something wrong with the test drive. According to police data There was a man for an inexplicable reason to find roller coasters and seriously injured. When the first rescue workers arrived, the 44-year-old had already died.

Hamburg: tragic accident in Hamburg Cathedral: it was a misfortune in the summer

The employee who builds the cathedral of Hamburg

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With the help of the fire brigade, the body was brought into the Institute of Legal Medicine. how to the world reported Alpen Coaster was an accident at Würzburger Volkswest Kiliani in the summer. Because of the malfunctioning of the crash with two cars, four people were injured. Criminal Police and Labor Protection are now investigating the Heiligengeistfeld incident in Hamburg.

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