Tuesday , June 22 2021

Google Pixel: Night Vision will display light in the dark – digital

Smartphone cameras in the dark are new in use – until now

In many situations, smartphones have been freed from classic cameras: the quality of the photos is not the same, but enough to prevent many ordinary users from taking a heavy camera. However, in two cases, smartphones are still in the dark: the classic lens brings closer to the subjects of distant subjects and, given the low light, they get much more from the picture.

With NightVision, Google wants smartphone users to take photos that are useful even in the dark. Other manufacturers, such as Oneplus and Huawei, have developed similar features.

Night Vision Google will be activated in the coming days with Google's own Pixel devices. SZ has compared.

Both photos were taken with Pixel 2 XL at the Hamburg Alster Twilight. In the lower figure, the motif is almost recognizable, the wall pretends to be dark. Night view mode (in advance) shows a lot of details, within the luminous areas.

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