Saturday , June 3 2023

Ghost leader died at Werneck A7


As reported by the police chiefs in Lower Franconia, a number of emergency calls were received at the Operation Center shortly after 19:00. The callers saw a car in the wrong direction driving the motorway service area to the A7 in the direction of Riedener Wald-West rather than heading to Werneck in the direction of Werzburg.

Ghost leading accident at the freeway at Werneck junction

Shortly before the junction of the freeway, a storm hit the Stettbach Bridge. The ghost leader – in a 63-year-old Schweinfurt district – all the help came too late. The other leading 25-year-old woman in central France trapped in the car and had to be released from the fire brigade. He was taken to a clinic with severe injuries.

A7 was completely closed after the accident

The prosecutor Schweinfurt's representative and an expert came to the scene of the accident. The Traffic Police Inspectorate Schweinfurt-Werneck hopes to get more insight into the accident from the assessment. At midnight A7 was still completely closed to Ulm.

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