Thursday , March 30 2023

German rider Sophia Flörsch crashed into World Finals


Flörsch is the first female Grand Prix

The sporting events took place in the wake of the terrible Flörsch accident, but also a minor issue. The birthplace of Munich, who was 18 years old on December 1, did not appear at Formula 3 this year, when she competed in the Dutch Van Amersfoort team at Zandvoort. She had previously suggested a strong show in Formula 4 and made it the first woman to stand twice as a pedestal.

She was the first woman from Germany to attend the Grand Prix of Macau. Flörsch ended 20th in training for the qualification, with 28 participants from 14 countries. She was 19th qualification. In the fourth round of his accident, Flörsch was in position 15.

Drivers on the Macao Route

At first, the cause of the accident remained unclear. Friesch obviously lost his driving right to the front of the Lisbon curve. Fierce picked up with his car and first flown through the safety rails before she reached the boundary conditions at the height of several meters at the cabin. Then the car fell to the ground.

There was a terribly narrow course of criticism from the leaders, before the competition was practically nonexistent. Asked how much he liked, "Viktor Ticktum said on Sunday:" It's rhetorical, I fell in love the first time I was here. "

For most of the pilots, including Mike Schumacher, the dangerous city chain is one of the favorite racetracks. But the motorcycle Grand Prix is ​​being criticized there. It was only last year that a pilot was killed there.

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