Thursday , March 4 2021

Frankfurt-Ostend: Was the deadly S-Bahn crash a failure-rescue operation?

On Tuesday afternoon, at Ostendstraße, Frankfurt, there are new discoveries about the deadly S-Bahn accident: witnesses report that one of the involved people was powerless. Then the other two climbed on the road to help him. At that moment, S-Bahn had left and conquered people on the track. Federal police reports at Frankfurter Rundschau's request.

The exact accident is still not clear. According to preliminary findings, it is possible that one in two 44-year-old men is crashed into a heavily alcoholic road. It is possible that he had 2.6 thousand alcohol in his blood.

Then the other two climbed to him and wanted to save him from the danger zone. However, they were arrested by the S6 train. The 17-year-old assistant was deadly hurt, the second assistant suffered minor injuries. Drink should be seriously injured.

Police are looking for witnesses urgently

To find out what's going on, the police are urgently looking for witnesses who can give clues. Please do not phone by phone. 069 / 130145-0 or with the Federal Police Free Service Number (0800/6 888 000) or The Ostendstraße stoppage is not controlled in the video, so there is no video recording in the accident.

The accident occurred on Tuesday, at 16:14. Three people were on the Ostendstraße underground station, and were detained by the S6 line in Friedberg, said Clauss Arend, Federal Police Representative. The deceased man is 17 years old from Hanau.

A 44-year-old man was seriously injured and was admitted to the French Occupational Clinic during treatment. The wounded are also 44 years old. Two older men are domiciled. The driver and two travelers on the track were a blow and they needed to be treated medically.

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