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FC Schalke 04 v Galatasaray in Istanbul, live pendulum – S04


Gelsenkirchen Champion League region – receives on Tuesday evening FC Schalke 04 Galatasaray Istanbul,

With a win, the team's trainer Domenico Tedesco would make a huge move towards the second round.

FC Schalke 04 – Galatasaray Istanbul live ticker

May I FC Schalke 04 v Galatasaray in Istanbul to win is there a royal blues?

+++ FC Schalke 04 – Galatasaray, located in the livestream: it's so easy +++

We will let you know about the game between FC Schalke 04 and Galatasaray in Istanbul living symbol.

FC Schalke 04 – Galatasaray 1: 0

Guido Burgstaller 1: 0

45 minutes: Judge William Collum asks for a break for tea.

38 minutes: Double Chance for Schalke. Rudy goes out of the second row. But it was already broadcast on the second floor. A few seconds later Schalke's newcomer is already in the right wing. He crosses Burgstaller. He examines Musler with a direct examination. Strongly reacts and eliminates 2: 0.

28 minutes: A direct return means to breathe deeply into Schalke. Garry Rodrigess suddenly throws out completely from Nübel after a fine pass. But a fast attacker can not force a ball on the line.

27 minutesSchalke counter in your stadium. The Burgstaller is unlocked in the right wing. His play is too inaccurate for the included Uth. But Schalke striker gets the ball Nachfassen, but fails with Musler.

20 minutes: It was supposed to be 2: 0. The embol ball is aligned on the right. From there, the rebound goes to Harith. Morocco moves too fast from about eight meters and lacks the ball in the southern bend

16 minutes: Suddenly it is very fast and Nübel saves Schalke! The kicker is sent fast, but the Schalke goalkeeper throws and can kick off the ball in the last second.

12 minutes: Schalke makes it so strong. Again and again, miners play in defense of a yellow red.

4 minutes: Toooooor FC Schalke 04. Goalie: Guido Burgstaller

Harit sends Burgstaller. But the ball is too fast. Muslera touches and can catch the ball. But on a slippery floor, he leaves the box with a ball in his hand. The goalkeeper must release the ball. Burgstaller smells it. Austrian Muslera broke the ball and pushed the ball from the right side above the line. Perfect start to royal blue!

2 minutes: Galatasaray first graduation. But the ball goes far beyond the Schalke replacement goalkeeper Alexander Nibel.

1 minute: Ball Rolls.

These are contracts

FC Schalke 04: Nübel – Stambouli, Sané, Nastasic – Caligiuri, Rudy, Schöpf -, Harit – Embolo, Uth, Burgstaller

Galatasaray: Muslera – Lynx, Ozan, Serdar Aziz, Mariano – Ndiaye Donk – Garry Rodriguess, Belhanda, Onikuru – Gumuss

20:58: The concept of police security has so far been clearly developed before the Veltins arena announced a high-risk collision. There are no reports of clashes between two fan camps.

20:47: As expected, in many felt-arenas, it lights up in the yellow-brown. Heavenly commentator Wolff Fuss estimates that the number of Turkish fans is around 10,000. Christian Heidel is not surprising. However, Schalke's manager still takes note of the royal white prize and hopes the team will face the upward trend of recent weeks.

20:38: Before the duel, FC Schalke 04 brings its fans to kebab video. You can watch the video here >>>

20:03: Domenico Tedesco is surprised at the second leg with a concentrated offensive force. Embolo, Burgstaller and Schöpf have three strikers in the grid against Galatasaray in Istanbul. Here are the two teams at a glance:

18:05: In the first round, his first match in the Champions League replaced the victim Ralph Ferman (30), Alexander Nübel (22). Schalke also plays talent on the second leg between posts. Some people are already speculating about changing giants in the German gates FC Schalke 04What Domenico Tedesco says about it, you will find here >>>

16:38: Gelsenkirchen today are expecting thousands of final fans. Although Turkish followers were able to depart only on a continent with 2900 tickets. However, it is expected that several fans of the Turkish champions are trying to get tickets. For an atmosphere of atmosphere ahead of the game in the city, many yellow-red fans are expected without a ticket. The Internet already has a circular video featuring Galatasaray Istanbul firing pyrotechnics fans. It soon became apparent that the scenes were in Gelsenkirchen. But the police quickly denied it (you can watch the video here >>>).

14.12 clock: Police have previously classified the game between Schalke 04 and Galatasaray as a high-risk game. Some additional security measures were taken. Here you can read information.

11:35: Benjamin Istanbul has been back for two weeks – it's well-luck with Schalke 04. "I feel great, I was doing two heavy games in Istanbul and Leipzig, which was not easy for the body. In Cologne, I do not mean to play and relax a bit," said Stambouli. He now totally wants to defeat Galatasaray: "If we have the will to go into any duel, without fear and not display the right Malochermentalit, then in any case we will be able to win the game."

8.37: 00: The "Schalke 04" home game against Galatasaray in Istanbul is a huge opportunity. With victory, Royal Blues opens the door to the quarter-finals. The last positive trend is Schalke. Benjamin's return to Istanbul has clearly stabilized the S04 game. Somebody who speaks Christian Heidel about the game, you can read here.

Game data:

Contribution: Tuesday, November 6, 2013, 21 hours

Stadium: Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen

Judge: William Collum (Scotland)

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